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Quality data for wine business

Wine traceability is not just about authenticity.

La Vie Du Vin is the new generation of traceability solutions, tracking quality, quantity and consumption.

With a high level of intermediation on the market, only an automated and patented solution will bring you the right info

Monitor compliance with good aging conditions throughout the life of the bottles

Check that your distribution complies with your wishes and contracts

Find out for the first time where and when your cases are open

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Determine who is responsible for breakage issues

Promote the quality of your wines to your customers

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Our solution

Our customers can

of their cases/bottles, from winery to consumer


track the stocks

and aging conditions

over several years



A single concept bringing multiple analyses

Our "watchers" data bring turnkey analyses on several topics



Price settings

Stocks valuation

Cellar/Warehouse Monitoring

Brand image

Quality valorisation

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